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latinfarmerpreview2-400x224For a while I have been waiting for Adage to produce an article on the feasibility of launching a brand “overnight”. Finally the Small Agency Diary of produced a short article on “Can you Launch a Brand in 24 Hours?

I am approaching this article backwards. Only towards the end of the article the author, Darryl Orht introduces his disclaimer that this hypothetical strategy is only valid in a vacuum meaning that it cannot be applied universally. I agree, BUT that does not mean the significance of his claim is without merit.

The significance of understanding that brands have the ability to potentially launch campaigns and projects in a relatively short amount of time is more important than debating its feasibility.

Now on to the real stuff! As Darryl Orht mentioned, we live in a digital world. If a majority of deliverables are designed and developed by the capabilities of a digital team, why assets can’t be created accordingly? Now this is all on the assumption that the digital team is capable of producing deliverables at a comparable quality level of a normal production schedule.

Some people consider the notion of prematurely or quickly launching brands and campaigns gimmicky, but just like the article mention the timing of a brand or campaign launch offsets the decreased lead time. We would rather scale down the project scope and deliver a project that competes in a “real-time” marketplace than sacrifice current market trends. This real-time marketing presents a greater opportunity for a brand to be first to market and potentially disrupt the marketing efforts of its competitors, as well as allow the brand to have more flexibility adapting to further market changes as the product/service life continues.

Our philosophy on launching a brand overnight is easy and we call it Fast-Response Marketing. Our fast-response marketing relies heavily developing a firm understanding of the brands launch flexibility and the surrounding competitive landscape. This foundation level understanding is important as it serves as a goal setting function for the remainder of the project and determines whether or not a project should be sent on the fast track in order to take advantage of time sensitive marketplace conditions. Once a brand is slated for the fast track the original bloated and ideal brand launch gets replaced with a more efficient version using primarily digital deliverable’s that could be designed and developed essentially “overnight”.

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