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A reflection on A reto Core77’s article on’sPrime Air” project:

Could it really be possible that our modern day ability to provide instantaneous gratification to any and all consumers in America (you know, the land of the free and home of the now please) is about to reach an entirely new level of immediacy? Just when we thought burgers couldn’t get any more super-sized, cars couldn’t get any bigger and gasolicious, and communication couldn’t get any less personal, our impressive nation has once again outdone itself. I almost didn’t believe the news when I saw the “sneak peak” commercial that aired on 60 Minutes at the end of 2013. However, what at first appeared to be an incredulous spoof is now quite the buzz and very much a reality. is in fact attempting to create and successfully launch the first ever drone delivery service. That’s right ladies and gentlemen, you may someday soon be able to order a DVD on your cell phone and have it brought to your front door in just 30 little minutes.

Once I got past the concept that this “Prime Air” (as Amazon’s head honcho Jeff Bezos has called the program) is a real life prototype in action, I was able to dig deeper into this bizarre and radical new possibility. Aside from the initial, “holy crap is this for real?” reaction, this exciting design has a long road ahead of it before ever getting close to a real live launch. As the UK’s The Guardian described it in a recent article, Amazon’s “Prime Air” idea is more or less “bologna” with no real chance of fruition. Despite the obvious awesome aspect to drone delivery services, skeptics do unfortunately have a point. After all, America is pretty notorious for never ending litigation. Obtaining the necessary FAA approval in order to get the ball rolling comes along with many hoops and hurdles for Amazon Prime Air.

There are a lot of other drawbacks to this type of innovation. For example, sending flying objects into the sky and traveling to the designated “distribution centers” (pre-approved areas for drone delivery assigned by Amazon) poses significant danger to other air craft. Not to mention the negative PR associated with drones these days thanks to America’s recent and deadly drone warfare. And who could forget today’s privacy concerns? Following the NSA spying scandal, and the growing threat of cyber theft, citizens have become more aware of virtual criminality.483787535-400x362

Despite the enormous hurdle “Prime Air” faces in advancing this remarkable novelty in online shopping, hopes remain high (as one would expect) that Amazon will succeed in establishing the first ever drone delivery service. In many ways I see this as plausible, especially considering 86% of Amazon’s packages are under 5lbs, which allows for a huge majority of their productivity to utilize these services. My only unanswered speculation would be the potential effects this may have on our economy…will we see a rise in consumerism, contributing to an economic surplus of some sort, or will this render human delivery service jobs obsolete, causing a substantial unemployment hike? Or, perhaps, an unemployment decrease, after all Amazon will need to hire many people to held build and maintain these devices.

Well, Amazon, the pressure is on. I for one hope to see “Prime Air” become a reality, mostly because I support good old fashion American ingenuity, but hey, it also wouldn’t hurt to stick it to those skeptical (dare I say jealous) Brits across the pond. Needless to say, Amazon has brought a whole new meaning to the phrase “the sky’s the limit!”

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